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Originally Posted by SheiCamui
You were at cosplay day? If I had known, I would have introduced myself and some of the other people from the boards to you, if you hadn't met them! I was the one that dressed as Natsumi from You're Under Arrest that was in the adult cosplay.
Oh, you were awsome I remember you, sorry I didn't really know who anyone was. I was also in the adult contest I was Haku, from Naruto, I won third place! (First time entering a contest!) It was fun, but a little to crowded for my taste. It's a really good thing my boyfriend decided not to wear his Cloud outfit, with his six foot sword that would have been a problem.
But, anyways do you meet up with a group from this forum? I was invitied to go a couple months back (not sure if it was the group your in) but never really found out where it was or what was going on exactly. If you know of anything going on, give me a pm.
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