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I'm a fobby kind of person usually. Back when I used to be wayyyyyyy into nothing but anime and manga, I'd want to wear anime t-shirts or anything anime related on my clothing. I'd also cover my binder with anime pics.

Now...if an anime fan saw me, they'd never know I was an into anime stuff...The way I dress is more like old school Korean fob? Haha, but I tend to not care if I match or not. I hate wearing revealing clothes. Mostly, I want to dress in a cute/modest way

As for anime and games, I've stopped playing games for a loooooooooooooong time and the only anime show I watch is Yakitate!! Japan.

My never belonged in one group. Not even an anime fan group. Never an azn, preppy, gothic, ghetto, nerd, or any kind of group. It was more of a mixture...I'm still not part of any group today and high school is over, but I do have friends from each that bad? =T so the whole "anime life" is slipping away from me and I'm beginning to just not really care about anything...blahhh i'm not emo! I'm just an annoying Korean girl....haha..? Well, I just want to do art and..become more motivated. That's about it. Otherwise, DATING SUCKS AND SO DOES YOUR FACE!

kidding ;P

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