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Out of cosplay I am the msot random person ever. I change topics more than Kimiko chanegs outfits, and waaaaaaaay more than Ash interferes with random people's issues.

I certainly don't fall into any specific category like nerd, jock, etc. etc. I have my nerdy moments definately. And I have my ghetto moments too, and I have my rocker or whatever moments, my artsy moments, my jocky moments, my smarty moments. And even my wardrobe refelcts this. Its so funny to see how people respond to me sometimes. Sometimes I'll be wearing all black with some red and some spiky accesories and people avoid me for the most part except the hot topic frequent shoppers. The next day I'll have a full pink and green outfit from Hollister and itll go totally the other way. It helps tho, being able to hang with most groups of people easily.

I'm like a katamari, a big smush of everything rolled into a big ball with the inevitabl eoutcome of becoming a star (yes I shalls be the famous on day)
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