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Originally Posted by Ciarathallya
whoa... crickets in here.

Wanna go to Otakon or DragonCon but you're too broke to go? But you're just itching to have a reason to put on a costume (ok some of us don't ned reasons). Here are couple events to help quell your costume craving.

Huntsville Cosplay Meetup's Ghetto Cosplay Contest
(location TBA August 11)
Huntsville, AL
August 20, 4:00 pm

Magical Characters Cosplay Photo Shoot (anime/manga characters)
Huntsville Botanical Garden
4747 Bob Wallace Ave
Huntsville, AL 35805
August 21, 2:00 pm
Admission: varies
GHETTO COSPLAY WOOT! I have a ghetto costume. I will be there.
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