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As we don't believe in social groups in Finland (at least we say so) I can't really categorize myself. If you'd like to take a shot, feel free to do so.

Outside of cosplay I'm your typical Leo, always seeking for attention in one way or another. (Except that I don't really mean to do it, it just happens. I am a damn show-off and sometimes I wish I could do something about it. Eh.) I dress in red, white and black, wear flashy/tacky neckties and my hair colour changes every month or so. Coloured contacts are my friends. And hats. Oh, how I love silly hats!

Personality-wise I'm pretty outgoing, yet too cynical to make hoardes of new friends. I can do inane chit-chat any time of the day with just about anyone but when it comes to real conversation I'm picky about who it is with. Which means I pretty much spend my time chit-chatting. Joy.

I write and I consider myself good at it. I also love acting and would do it more often if I wasn't too lazy to find a drama group to join. Theatre, movies and literature rock my world. Which can only lead to the conclusion that I am an aesthete.

I love people. Not as a general species (a big deal of the humankind should go and jump into a lake. And drown.) but certain individuals make my life worth living. There is no general type I prefer, sometimes a new person just radiates something that catches my attention and I end up getting addicted. This, sadly, leads to the fact that I can also get bored of people pretty fast. If they aren't as interesting as they first seemed, that is.

My taste in music goes towards older rock. Aerosmith is my all time favourite and I adore Steve Tyler as a song-writer, singer and a performer. I do, however, listen to just about anything from J-rock to Blackmore's Night (in love with Candice Night's voice since 2003). As I am a rather verbal person, music with witty lyrics is bound to have my love.

I speak English like the Brits do.

That, and I love to talk about myself.
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