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hahahaha my secret identety. Im... uhhh....
Well im a 15 year old Drama nerd. My cloathing style is pretty laid back. Sporty but elegent. I find myself wearing alot of baby doll shirts from hot topic and big billowey skirts from forever 21. Flip flops and etnies. Ive started making my own cloths. blaugh blaugh nothing special.

I don't have a category. I'm strange to begin with but even stranger because I just don't have a slot. Being the president of the schools anime club that somewhat insures that I am the queen of the nerds but I get allong with almost everyone so i'm a fairly popular drama nerd. If that makes sence. My music is all nerd stuff and Theatre soundtracks. Im wierd. As a mormon sophmore in high school I find it really amusing that I almost never leave the house. Im so tired from school(i go to 5 and i get home from Performing arts school and dance class at about 6 after waking up at 5 for bible class.) That I just totally gave up my social life. A day (during the school year not during the summer when im a bum XD) in my life is im up at 5, at bible class by 6, school by 7:30, Theatre school at 2, dance or extra acting or more church at 5, home at about 6:30 ish, Kick back and computer, sew and shower, sleep at no later then 10 to do it all agian. That's all XD. Im not interesting im sorry. -Aseret Yuna
Currently: locked in a sewing sweat shop, surrounded by a moat and some dragons and stuff.
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