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Buny: Sorry Buny. Have fun at the weiner place lmao

Gothanime: Hope to see you there.

And I forgot to post the rules (in case no one went link clicking)
Date: August 20, 2005
Time: 4 PM (it's too hot to be out any earlier)
Location: Big Springs Park near the torch

In the true spirit of ghetto cosplay, here lays the rules in which to abide by:

Budget $10 (no 5 finger discounting thievery to get supplies)

Must be of an Anime, Video Game, or Manga character.

No pre-existing costumes may be "ghettofied" for entry. It must be a new creation.

No nudity or excessivley scantly clad costumes. There are laws and public decency to be considered.

Must bring a reference image for judges to refer to.

Only found clothing around the house may be used. No going to the store and buying new stuff.

No sewing period - Glue, tape, staples, safety pins and straight pins are allowed. Chewing gum if you think itíll work. No sergers, sewing machine, or hand sewing.
Also no use of iron on fusible webbing.

No purchasing brand new fabric/remnant bundles for this costume. Go through the stuff you already have. Remember you're supposed to be cheap, thrifty and dead broke.
An added challenge. All costumes must include two of the following
1 gallon size trash bag

roll of plastic wrap/saran wrap, wax paper or aluminum foil

card board (at least the equivalent a of 1' x 1' piece)

bed linen or curtains
This could be two of a single item or of a combination of two seperate items. Example: 1 trash bag and 1 bed sheet. Use of two rolls of aluminum foil. Must be a total of two items.

Costumes will be judged on overall appearance, creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship, originality and thriftiness.
Alabama Cosplay/Costuming Events Calendar Please email to add an event
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