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Originally Posted by KaWaii_KuMaChaN
aww lucky butt!i bet you met him at Comic con..? nehh iwas suppose to go meet him there but well let's just say things did go according to plan T^T but cosplay as Jhonen...hmm maybe i should...XD JK! lol if someone did cosplay as Jhonen i probably wouldn't be able to recognize it ^^;;
haha yeah. he's actually one of my friends cousins, so i get to talk to him occationally, but i never got to meet him before that. yeah you needed a ticket or something. i didnt have one either but i told them my story and they let me meet him anyways. haha. but yeah, people have even cosplayed jthm and i havent noticed it was supposed to be nny. so if its hard to tell that that was nny, then it's probably really hard to tell if theres a jhonen cosplay. oh geeze that'd be creepy almost. what if he saw you walking around like that, dressed like him, i mean i wonder what he'd think. haha.
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