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Yeah, no joke, we even had the big Star Wars convention back in April! But let's see if I can find the Amerikon website... Ah, found it:
August 18-20, 2006. Doesn't look like the website's been updated recently, but apparently they've been planning it for a while. And since it's not until next August, they have time. So who knows? May just get an Indiana anime con after all!

And I totally understand the whole hotel thing. We can't afford it, so we just go on Sat (meaning leaving REALLY early and REALLY late). Not as much fun, but a lot cheaper. And last year, we only needed 2 cars for 7 people, meaning gas wasn't too bad either. Not sure about this year though... We'll probably either go to Sugoicon or Ohayocon, but most of the clubs members graduated/left (the club is only going in it's 4 year, so we're still young, and on a Christian campus... yeah, not a lot of people seem interested). May mean we'll have to pitch in more for gas. XP
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