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Originally Posted by Koumori
Admin is 100% right that the only way around this kind of confusion is for anime cons to adopt a consistent system. Some cons have started to adopt ICG guidelines, and I hope more will do so quickly. Please consider encouraging your local cons to adopt ICG guidelines for their masquerades.
Of course you know as a long time campaigner for the adoption of the ICG guidelines I agree 100%. I'm very heartend to see that some Anime Conventions in the US are finally starting to adopt the system.

We only have one big holdout here in our area, The Garden City Anime Festival, which I belive wishes to make itself more unique by going with a system that's just Beginner & Advanced.*No longer relavent, they folded after their first con.

Having an International system (or at least a standard that is adheared to in North America to start), will make things much more stable, and pleasent for cosplayers everywhere and will take the guesswork out of entering unfamiliar competitions. Also I belive it will save alot of headaches on the part of masquerade directors.

The next big challenge will be , having a universal agreement upon wether commissions should be allowed to compete or not. (For the record they may be shown here but not competed)
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