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I think the problem there is that a "walk on" is a misnomer. I find it used more as a reference for a single competitor, not just as it sounds - walking on and walking off. A good walk-on will incorporate some type of related music, perhaps drama, poses...a good walk-on/solo performace is quite difficult to do.

I think it's just the mentality of anime fans. They're younger and want to be entertained - which to them means skits, laughs, yaoi and the like. But those who are more interested in the costumes can appreciate a dramatic, solo walk on presentation, even if the anime audience is bored silly by it. I've seen walkons go over well at more established conventions, usually sci-fi oriented.

However, walk-ons work best with costumes that are intricate and visiaully stunning - the costumes that as soon as the audience sees it they gasp and go ohhhh, for example.

Although, if it were technically a straight "walk-on" and "walk-off", doing nothing, I'd find that really boring, too, and relegate that to a fashion-show type thing.

The problem with putting walk-ons to separate events is that they usually don't get the same chance to win best in show, even if their costumes are exquisite and the presentation is well thought out. It forces people into performing and falling into the "I need a skit with funny dialog" to compete, which I feel shouldn't have to be the case. It rules out a lot of solo competitors.

I think another issue could be in the purpose of the cosplay competition. If it's for entertainment of the skit kind (cosplay skit contest, or if 90%+ or so of the judging points come from performances, for example, and time limits are long (2-3 minutes?!)), then walk-ons have no place. If it's a competition more aimed at the costumes (costume points have a fairly large percentage, smaller time limits (<1 min)), then I think walk-ons should most definitely be allowed. The purpose of the competition should also be looked at.

And now I wait for Sarcasm to respond, because I know she will. And my post has nothing to do with ranking systems. >.<
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