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Originally Posted by Eriol
I've seen some anime masquerades allow walk-ons, but I don't find walk-ons to be particularly entertaining. I don't get the sense that many anime fandom audiences find walk-ons entertaining either by the lack of enthusiastic laudations (sometimes even silence or blank stares). I do feel that walk-ons would need to be extracted from general Masquerade proceedings and put into a separate "fashion show competition" event, which most anime cons do not do.
I've only been attending anime conventions since 2004, but one thing I've noticed that bothers me is the emphasis on skits. I was always under the impression that a masquerade was about showcasing and awarding costumes, and it seems that it has turned into something more like a talent show. I mean, some conventions do give several awards for costume construction, but I know Fanime only gave out ONE technical award (and the winners were very deserving), and the rest of the awards were given to skits.

Since when has it been about being funny? Why are we awarding less for hard work on an intricate costume and more on who is the best actor? Why is winning a Best In Show out of the question for someone who isn't part of a skit?

Anyway, I agree in that some walk-ons can be rather boring. But I've also seen some GREAT walk-ons that are Best In Show worthy, and they shouldn't be discounted.
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