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This post doesn't particularly agree or disagree with anything that's being said... rather, I wanted to voice my own opinion over something I read earlier.

Originally Posted by Jaina Solo
Since when has it been about being funny? Why are we awarding less for hard work on an intricate costume and more on who is the best actor? Why is winning a Best In Show out of the question for someone who isn't part of a skit?
Otakon awards for the masquerade this year were as follows: Best Performance, Best Craftsmanship, and Best Overall. My boyfriend and I performed our skit for fun, not actually expecting to win anything, and were rather pleased to be able to come away with Best Novice Performance as Drunk Lee vs. Neji.

The funny part about this is that neither of us are really good at sewing. THe majority of my costume was hot-glued. The only truly intricate part of our costumes were our Naruto headbands, which were actually hand-made and not bought.

However, this does not mean we put little work into the skit. Quite the opposite: our skit came from several weeks of choreography, practice, and running around outside in the mud. Additionally, we possess 4-5 years of martial arts background.

My point is this: the Otakon setup for the masquerade offered my boyfriend and I, sewing dummies, our own chance to shine. Not because of the costumes, because that wasn't what our skit was about, but because we wanted to bring Rock Lee and Neji to reality as much as we could. The skits, in my view, are a way to bring the characters we worship to life in their own way. Subsequently, I believe hard work for a skit can in many cases deserve as much attention as hard work put into costumes.

Just my own newbie masquerade thoughts. ^^
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