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Originally Posted by hoshikage
There is no way to effectively judge craftsmanship from stage distance. So since the audience would be extremely bored by the craftsmanship judges examining each costume closely on stage, there is no logical way to approach the problem except to judge them privately.
Then here is the strange part: Why bother with craftsmanship awards for the masquerade when that same con offers a Hall Cosplay?

Originally Posted by hoshikage
You and I are clearly not attending the same cons, then. Most cons I attend either have no hall cosplay contest at all, or have one that is extremely informal and has no judging, which leaves those of us who are really interested in craftsmanship no option but to enter Masquerade and rack our brains to try and come up with a skit. This becomes increasingly difficult if for example one happens to be a solo entry...

This depends entirely on what con you attend. The conventions have such wildly different methods of judgng that it's really inadvisable to make such generalized statements.
Why don't people simply go to cons that support Hall Cosplay, at the very least? I'll agree with you that it seems cons are not consistent whether to offer craftsmanship judging or not, but I would think people eventually have to vote with their wallets and simply not patronize cons that do not have the venues they want, unless distance and cost to attend such cons are prohbitive. There are so many anime cons out there now, so I hope there are some cons that have venues people want.

The demographics for an anime con are not quite the same as the demographics for an ICG-sanctioned con. There are different needs for both types of audiences.

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