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Originally Posted by hoshikage
Also, there is the problem that some costumes may be impressive, gorgeous, and wonderfully made... and absolutely unsuited for hall wear. If you can't move very well in it, or see, or eat, or whatever, but you still want to be judged for craftsmanship... well, what then?
At AnimeNEXT 2005, the costumer who won Best of Weekend Hall Cosplay (see had full-size Ein the dog costume from Cowboy Bebop. The costume could not move easily (the person was hobbling in it), and it must have been very hot (the person took off the head and drank water many times). Eventually, some staff at the con was able to obtain a staff escort for this person to the Hall Cosplay contest area to be judged.

It sounds like this is a logistics issue that just needs to be planned out by both the costumer and the con. I don't think this is an impossible task.

Originally Posted by hoshikage
Some costumes are designed to be presented on stage, but that doesn't mean that their makers want to be excluded from the opportunity to have their craftsmanship recognized. ... it doesn't solve the aforementioned problem of stage costumes vs. hall costumes.
What type of costumes are designed for the stage? I don't understand this.

Excellence in craftsmanship should be recognized, but I don't understand how some costumes need a stage to demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. It sounds like to me that the costume is optimized for the stage, but it would look inferior in any other lighting or setting. How is that an "excellent" costume?

It is my opinion that excellent costumes are recognized by people regardless of the setting.

Originally Posted by hoshikage
So I think that there is little obvious choice but to continue trying to improve the implementation of craftsmanship judging and awards at Masquerade events, rather than simply relegating the craftsmanship end to the hall cosplay.
If one is not the head of the cosplay department at a con, I don't think the rules are going to change unless a massive block of people petition the cosplay department to modify the judging rules. Have you talked to some people who share your views and try to sway your local cons?

Originally Posted by Saeto
The appeal in having a hall costume contest and craftsmanship awards in the masquerade lies in the fact that the contests are suited to different tastes. Not everyone wants to perform a walk-on onstage in the masquerade in order to get judged by the masquerade people for craftsmanship, while some people do.
In looking at the masquerade craftsmanship rules at some cons, the masquerade costume judging is done before the entries go on the stage, so isn't that judging process the same as the one used in Hall Cosplay, where the judging is also done up close and personal? The on-stage portion of the masquerade craftsmanship rules seems moot, so the only motivation for entering the masquerade is for entrants to get into the spotlight momentarily. But this momentary fame can be achieved for the Hall Cosplayer winners by asking them to come up to the stage to accept their awards.

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