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Originally Posted by Saeto
ICG masquerades have separate award categories: awards for workmanship and awards for presentation, so workmanship and performance are awarded separately.

I am not sure how Balticon (a guild con) awarded Best in Show; Best in Show Workmanship went to a girl named Gaia, who had an amazing historical dress, but Best in Show overall went to Castle Blood. I am going to assume it was for his presentation, because his Best in Show is listed as a presentation award under the Balticon masquerade winners, but it could have been for the "total package". He clearly had the best workmanship and stage presentation of us all. None of us were able to come close.
The categorization sounds different than what a typical anime con uses: one category (hall cosplay) to award workmanship and one category (masquerade) to award both workmanship and performance. That means workmanship is awarded about twice more often than performance.

Uh, why is there Best in Show "Overall," but no Best in Show Performance?

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