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Okay, a lot has been going on here so I'll try to address it.

Eriol, you seem to be misunderstanding how ICG masquerades work.

Originally Posted by Eriol
For one thing, "Out of competition" isn't well-stated in the ICG guidelines. It gets a passing mention in one sentence for Fantasy and Sci-Fi competitions under the "Junior/Youth" section. So, how do people realize it is even a category?

Also, most anime cons do not have an "Out of Competition" category. The closest things I've heard about are a "fashion show" or simply no competition at all (Ushicon in Texas). "Out of Competition" for most anime cons is simply walking around at the convention in costume, not an actual event.

The rules are being enforced to the letter. The action is perhaps stupid, but the action is technically correct. This is the problem of "the spirit vs. the letter of the law."
No, actually, those are NOT the rules. It says clearly on the ICG masquerade guidelines that people can compete up as they like; there are no rules forcing people to compete at a lower level. Any anime masquerade director who has used this excuse has made it up themselves, and for no good reason IMO.

Originally Posted by Eriol
Sarcasm-hime, on your site, you define the Masquerade as follows:
"A Masquerade is the costume contest held at many fandom conventions (sci-fi, fantasy, media, anime, etc.) in which costumers show off their hard work to an audience. They may do this via a short performance such as a skit, dance number, or simple walk-on. The purpose of entering a Masquerade is to display your costume and to put on an entertaining and pleasing presentation." [Emphasis mine]

I've seen some anime masquerades allow walk-ons, but I don't find walk-ons to be particularly entertaining. I don't get the sense that many anime fandom audiences find walk-ons entertaining either by the lack of enthusiastic laudations (sometimes even silence or blank stares). I do feel that walk-ons would need to be extracted from general Masquerade proceedings and put into a separate "fashion show competition" event, which most anime cons do not do.
As mentioned by others, walk-ons do not have to be boring. I've seen some fabulous 'walk-ons' where somebody with an impressive costume used music and posing to best show off their work, and the audience was certainly entertained. Of course walk-ons don't always work best with really simple costumes, but that's why I urge people to judge what is a costume that will look good onstage and what isn't.

Originally Posted by Eriol
What type of costumes are designed for the stage? I don't understand this.

Excellence in craftsmanship should be recognized, but I don't understand how some costumes need a stage to demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. It sounds like to me that the costume is optimized for the stage, but it would look inferior in any other lighting or setting. How is that an "excellent" costume?

It is my opinion that excellent costumes are recognized by people regardless of the setting.
As mentioned by others, costumes that are large and unwieldy, or ones that show some message or transformation, are 'designed for the stage'. For example I wouldn't wear a costume with a giant wingspan in the halls; there are many costumes I will only make if I will be attending a convention where I can show them off in a masquerade, as they'd be unsuitable for hall wear. Proper ICG competitions have SEPARATE JUDGES for workmanship judging, which is done backstage in the greenroom before the entrants go onstage.

Frankly I fail to see why we should, as you seem to imply, give masquerades over to presentation-only entries and then create effectively a duplicate of the backstage greenroom judging as a separate "Hall Cosplay" event. Hall cosplay awards have traditionally been simply as a way to acknowledge people who were uncomfortable with going onstage. It isn't meant to replace workmanship judging. If I have a big fancy costume that's difficult to move in but would look very impressive onstage, and I have a simple solo presentation that effectively shows off how impressive the costume is, what on earth is wrong with that? It seems you're trying to say that fancy costumes belong in the hall rather than in a masquerade, which is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Eriol
The categorization sounds different than what a typical anime con uses: one category (hall cosplay) to award workmanship and one category (masquerade) to award both workmanship and performance. That means workmanship is awarded about twice more often than performance.

Uh, why is there Best in Show "Overall," but no Best in Show Performance?
ICG competitions award both presentation awards and workmanship awards. So there is a Best in Show (which means presentation) and Best in Show Workmanship. Presentation judges, however, also take into account how the costume looks. So no, workmanship is not being awarded twice; workmanship awards are given by a judge that examines the costume up-close, whereas the Performance awards are given by a panel of judges who only see the costumes onstage.

....Basically you seem to be saying that anime cons do things differently, and I'm saying there is no reason for them to do so, because the ICG system can work just fine at any kind of convention (as we have proven at Anime North).
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