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Originally Posted by Koumori
It's not a question of "sanctioning"... the ICG is not really a governing body, and you don't have to submit paperwork to them or anything (though I'm sure they'd appreciate a list of winners afterwards). It's an association of like-minded people who have collectively been costuming for a good long time and have hashed out their system based on what works and what doesn't. AFAIK, all you have to do in order to use ICG guidelines is simply to say you are using ICG guidelines, and then do it. Different conventions absolutely do have slightly different rules, depending on how they choose to run their contests; that's fine, since the ICG guidelines are not hard and fast rules. Much of it simply depends on individual discretion, whether the individual be the masq director or the entrant.
Then, it seems the only commonality among ICG cons is the agreement of skill divisions (basic definitions of what typically constitutes a Novice, Journeyman, etc.). i.e. Judges wouldn't offer a Master division competition if
A) there were not enough entrants who qualified as a Master based on the "award count guideline" in the ICG guidelines
B) the judges felt none of the entries were worthy of Master-level work (based on the collective experience of the judges)

I guess I'm being overly pedantic (i.e. a rules lawyer) about these guidelines. You have a general framework (ICG guidelines) and individual modifications of this framework for each con. It isn't quite total "uniformity" across the board.
Nonetheless, I am understanding the ICG guidelines better than before. I sure wouldn't get this kind of information just by reading the ICG guidelines by itself. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Kaijugal
*chuckles* I have no plans to. I really have never given it any thought. haha. *embarassed grin*. I often give copies of things away to masquerade directors or other costumers who ask, or when I make copies for people to take away at panels, but beyond that no.

So, if I ask you to provide a copy of your notes, would you do so?
I'm not a costumer or a director (I know someone who is a costumer, at least). I think I just like examining rules and protocols (for loopholes!) a bit more than I should. haha

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