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Originally Posted by Saeto
You should ask Karisu-sama about this. Maybe she could elaborate? I think she said in a different thread that she has seen people try to sneak enormous parts of their costumes down to the Green Room so no one would see them.

At Balticon, the understanding was once you're in the Green room you're in.
AFAIK at most ICG-run masquerades they're not as strict as at Worldcon. At Worldcon you're not allowed to wear your masquerade costume around the convention except to go directly to the greenroom, and even then some people cover up with a sheet or something. Most cons I've been to don't have that rule, though.

Originally Posted by Saeto
The guild is very picky with who it sanctions. San Diego Comic Con with all its world-class costumers has yet to receive the stamp of approval from the ICG. This is kind of unfortunate, because it renders awards that people have won from SDCC moot as far as the Guild is concerned.
The problem with SDCC is that they don't use any divisional system, and have only the most cursory workmanship judging. That pretty much screws any novices who might want to enter, as well as people whose costumes have lots of detail that cannot be seen from the stage.
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