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Originally Posted by Saeto
I know that before she left, Sue Shambaugh was trying to get Katsucon under Guild control. She was following the guidelines as closely as she could for an anime con and bringing in Marty (the head of the Costumers' Guild) to judge and oversee the guidelines were being carried out. Although he came for two years in a row, Craftsmen was the highest division she was ever allowed to have at the con. She could not do Worldclass master, because there were no people at that level attending, and there were not adequate judges or checks and balances in place to assure him that such people could be judged fairly.

Just using ICG guidelines at anime con is not enough. It takes a combination of factors for the Guild to give their approval and make it an official Guild con. That is why no anime con, even if it uses ICG guidelines, will ever be sanctioned by the Guild.
So, are there a set of documented guidelines that a con would need to abide before being presented before the ICG for approval (barring any other reasons ICG would deny sanctioning)? How can a con even attempt to gain ICG sanctioning if it doesn't know what is required and just following ICG guidelines is insufficient? How did all the existing ICG cons get approval in the first place?

i.e. Katsucon and Anime USA had guild members judging or overseeing the process, yet you feel that no anime con will be granted ICG sanctioning any time soon. What is missing or is anime/manga/game too specific of a subject?

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