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Originally Posted by TribalButterfly
Do you guys think that the reaction a cosplay/er gets from the AUDIENCE has any sway in the judges ruling? Or not?
What i mean to say is, if a cosplayer is really getting a huge reaction from the fans, n is clearly the audience's favorite, do u think the judges might award them just to make the crowd happy?

I'm not speaking from personal experiance. Ive actually never even seen one of the masqs in person, and have never presented a costume in the masq either - i'm just curious.
At an anime con, I would say: Yes, this can happen. Because the audience doesn't know what goes on in the judge's mind, sometimes the judge's choice doesn't match the audience reaction, and you end up with after-con discussions wondering why the judges made the choices they did.

I agree with the ICG costumers in that anime masquerades are much more heavily structured for performance skits.


Saeto, you raise good and interesting points about why there probably would not be an ICG-sanctioned anime con. The skill level at most anime cons isn't near the level of ICG cons, based on ICG pictures I've seen. I appreciate the bluntness, because sometimes, sugar coating just doesn't cut it. haha

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