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Originally Posted by Eriol
How do these handbooks come into circulation? They appear to be self-published and only available directly from the authors. It seems like on-demand publishing. It seems like every ICG masquerade director has access to one to supplement their personal experience.
I have spoken to Eric Anderson (stepson of Janet Wilson Anderson, and involved with the original book as well) about our company potentially republishing it for sale at basic cost of production & shipping. We already have access to professional printing facilities in our regular (software) product line. I think there should be no trouble, as the purpose of the book as written IS to disseminate ideas, NOT to make a profit. One of those "we have to find the time to get around to it" projects, though.

At that point, Kaijugal et al, if you have useful notes you might wish to contribute, we would indeed be happy to see 'em. ^^

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