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Originally Posted by Eriol
I guess I'm being overly pedantic (i.e. a rules lawyer) about these guidelines. You have a general framework (ICG guidelines) and individual modifications of this framework for each con. It isn't quite total "uniformity" across the board.
Nonetheless, I am understanding the ICG guidelines better than before. I sure wouldn't get this kind of information just by reading the ICG guidelines by itself. Thanks.
*grins* It's funny that on close examination it doesn't appear to be quite uniform in all cases, (it's not) *chuckles*, but for some reason the beauty of it is, it does seem uniform when you are competing within a circut of conventions that apply it.

I strongly feel that it's not only a system of rules set out as a guidline, but it is a mindset that is raised up within the community that is governed by them. I think a testament to what I am saying is the character and maturity of the people who are participating in this discussion.

Originally Posted by Eriol
So, if I ask you to provide a copy of your notes, would you do so?
I'm not a costumer or a director (I know someone who is a costumer, at least). I think I just like examining rules and protocols (for loopholes!) a bit more than I should. haha
Sure, I'd be happy to. We're talking several binders full of information here however so we can discuss at some future point what exactly it is you'd like copies of. If it's the whole manual, plus all the forms, that will take a bit longer not to mention ouch expensive. Now I know why they SELL copies. LOL. But it's all good provided I can fix out a time to sit down and get it done. (I feel a sojourn to Kinkos Kopy coming on.)

Originally Posted by Karisu-sama
I have spoken to Eric Anderson (stepson of Janet Wilson Anderson, and involved with the original book as well) about our company potentially republishing it for sale at basic cost of production & shipping. We already have access to professional printing facilities in our regular (software) product line. I think there should be no trouble, as the purpose of the book as written IS to disseminate ideas, NOT to make a profit. One of those "we have to find the time to get around to it" projects, though.

At that point, Kaijugal et al, if you have useful notes you might wish to contribute, we would indeed be happy to see 'em. ^^
^_^ Could be. I'd have to know what is already covered however to see if I could potentially add anything useful. Even if I can't , it sounds like a well overdue project, and I am heartily in favor of it!

Originally Posted by Saeto
Although judges agree that Novice/Journeyman and Master at the divisions, very few actually have a "true" Master division comprised of international winners. I find it more accurate to say Novice/Journeyman/and Regional Master (craftsmen) to avoid confusion between Regional Master (craftsmen) and the master division used for Worldclass Masters. Worldclass Master is a category they only use at international cons, or cons like Balti that are getting flooded by winners from Worldcon. Because this happens at Balticon, Marty uses regional Master (craftsmen) and Worldclass Master as categories to differentiate between the two.
Regional Master is a title we talk about here alot as well. For the Record Sarcasm and I are Regional Masters, while our friends like, Jacqui Ward, Barb Schofield and Penny Lipman are World Masters.

Actually I talked to Penny last night, (she's my Greenroom manager at the expo masquerade I'm running this weekend, and she was saying that all the gals are thinking of competing locally again soon. So it's bound ot be a colourful year ahead with a scad of World Masters stepping up to the plate. *lopsided grin*

Originally Posted by Sarcasm-hime
The problem with SDCC is that they don't use any divisional system, and have only the most cursory workmanship judging. That pretty much screws any novices who might want to enter, as well as people whose costumes have lots of detail that cannot be seen from the stage.
I have to agree with Sarcasm on this one. I'm not a big fan of how SDCC, (or most Corporate Expos), run thier costume contests, and they are usually very far from the ICG standards as well as goals so therefore I am not sorry if they are not heavily promoted within our community.

I put 'my money where my mouth is' as Koumori says, and run an ICG style masquerade at the Canadian Comic Expo. It took years of Barb Schofield to drag them kicking and screaming all the way to accept that way of doing things, and then myself demanding more here and there to get it that way, but I think if you ask in the Canadian forums of anyone who attended that show when the "greenroom" was a hall, *wry grin* it's been worth it .

Overall however I cannot put much stock in many Expo competitions which often seem to be just as much about T & A as they are about costumes, and often even allow store bought costumes to compete equally.

Originally Posted by Saeto
I'm gonna be blunt:

I believe no anime con will ever be sanctioned
Aww geez, don't phrase it like that. It sounds too much like a challenge and you're getting my impish nature all riled up. You know I can't resist a good challenge.

Originally Posted by Saeto
Getting an anime con sanctioned would also require immense involvement from the Guild to oversee it, and there are very few people from the ICG willing to do so. Peple like Sue Shambaugh and Kaijugal are rare gems. The majority of anime masquerade directors who think they know how the Guild does it really don't and are trainwrecks waiting to happen.
I DEFINATELY cannot take all the credit. Derwin Mak and Caroline Julian who were my predecessors as masquerade director, set the standard in the first few years of the Anime North. I am merely continuing the good work. ^_^
Both Derwin and Caroline are masters with a strong background in competing at Worldcon and Costumecon, and yet have a great love of anime, so they were the perfect people to lead the way.

Once again, I will point out that I have been lucky to have grown up in such a costuming community as the one we have here, and to have had the opportunity to learn so much over the years from such people.

Originally Posted by TribalButterfly
I have a question. If its a little off topic, im sorry, but i was just curious,

Do you guys think that the reaction a cosplay/er gets from the AUDIENCE has any sway in the judges ruling? Or not?
What i mean to say is, if a cosplayer is really getting a huge reaction from the fans, n is clearly the audience's favorite, do u think the judges might award them just to make the crowd happy?

I'm not speaking from personal experiance. Ive actually never even seen one of the masqs in person, and have never presented a costume in the masq either - i'm just curious.
I can tell you for a fact, from experience, that YES it can. I know two particular judges, (who shall remain nameless), that take audience reaction into account. That is not to say that they base thier opinion completely on the audience reaction, but they do take it into consideration. Even I myself will make a notation that there was a postive audience reaction, so that when we're discussing the decision it can be mentioned. It doesn't always affect the results but it could potentially tip the balance in favor of two equally ranked entries. It also helps when considering awards such as Most Humourous or Most Dramatic. If your presentation makes the whole audience audibly gasp in shock or delight, you can bet the judges notice.

Once again let me say this is not in EVERY CASE but is based on my personal experiences as a judge. I hope you find it helpful.

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