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Originally Posted by Kaijugal
*grins* It's funny that on close examination it doesn't appear to be quite uniform in all cases, (it's not) *chuckles*, but for some reason the beauty of it is, it does seem uniform when you are competing within a circut of conventions that apply it.
At least all ICG cons agree on skills divisions and "excellence deserves recognition." That probably goes very far, so the ICG entrants can get an idea where they rank.

Originally Posted by Kaijugal
I strongly feel that it's not only a system of rules set out as a guidline, but it is a mindset that is raised up within the community that is governed by them. I think a testament to what I am saying is the character and maturity of the people who are participating in this discussion.
After all, how often do you get Kaijugal, Karisu-sama, Sarcasm-hime, and Saeto talking in one thread? haha

I think the anime fandom as a whole is nowhere near this mindset yet.

Originally Posted by Kaijugal
Sure, I'd be happy to. We're talking several binders full of information here however so we can discuss at some future point what exactly it is you'd like copies of. If it's the whole manual, plus all the forms, that will take a bit longer not to mention ouch expensive. Now I know why they SELL copies. LOL. But it's all good provided I can fix out a time to sit down and get it done. (I feel a sojourn to Kinkos Kopy coming on.)
Binders! You've been doing this a long time I see. Yes, shipping costs would be expensive. If you could estimate the amount of money needed to duplicate and transport a copy, I'd be willing to pay the costs.

Actually, before that happens, I might need a sample of your handwriting. I can't read every person's handwriting... XP No sense shipping all those binders if it turns out I can't read your notes.

Have you thought about putting any notes online? I know some of the material probably has a copyright by the original author, so you couldn't probably do this without consulting them first.


Oh yes, where can I get a copy of this Kennedy Compendium? I heard it is a bit out of date, but it's one of the major publications for masquerades.

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