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Originally Posted by Saeto
In your Canadian masquerades, do you shove the regional masters in with Worldcon masters like Jacqui Ward, or is it like Balticon, and there are two separate master divisions?
Originally Posted by Sarcasm-hime
AFAIK most, if not all, of the local Worldclass Masters have been running the local masquerades for years so they haven't been competing (I think Derwin Mak is the one exception), so we usually just have one "Master" division, and it's still usually pretty small.

There are a few who show up and compete from time to time, mostly at TT.
Barb has entered a few things but OOC as of late. I competed in a masquerade Carol Salemi one year. (I don't recall how that turned out), and I also have gotten the honour, ( ^_~""" ) of competing in several masquerades with Derwin.

(I joke of course, because I just adore Derwin, but I always seem to get the luck to draw the entry number after his, and if you've been to a local con, you'll know that the mere mention of his name causes pandemonium. He's quite a hard act to follow. *huge grin* It's a spot that's so notoriusly avoided now that some costumers write "please not after Derwin Mak", on thier reg forms. LOL! ^_^ It's all in good fun tho. Derwin is A-1 and we love him. Sarcasm knows whereof I speak. *chuckles*

Some of the gals are thinking of starting to compete here again now that they're freed up from directing masquerades. So at least you have that to look forward to. Heh.
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