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Originally Posted by Saeto
P.S. Your friend Derwin looks like he's fanboying on you in that photo. XP
Haha, ^_^ I think we're BOTH just fanboying in general. Masquerade, just happy to be there. Heh.

I hear you about the Kris Kramer thing, as I lived the tale. ^_^

Hahaha. I think that's just par for course with any competition of that level. You nevre know what you are going to see from the other costumers. Luckily I enjoy the hobby too much to get freaked out if someones work is just so much more wow than mine. I just find it inspires me to try harder next time. I belive that's why I enjoy well regulated and judged competitions. If something beats me, it was a costume that deserved it. It's not like "regular", (read " halloween bar" or "Comic Con"), competitions where I stand a chance of loosing against a store bought Supergirl who flashes her boobies, or a pygmy with elephantitis of the scrotum. <~(Serriously a costume I saw win one year) -_-"

On another topic I was reading on the ICG list that Kevin Roche and Andy Trombley are giving advice to one of the masqeruade directors of a big comic con, (I THINK SanDiego Comic Con.), Pehraps Change is in the wind everywhere.
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