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So, because I'm trying to figure this out in my head anyway...

I understand about competiting up and entering where you feel your skill level falls. I think the part I am confused about is the "value" of the awards. I have looked back at the list Sarcasm made in post 49 ( and the blurb at the bottom.

For some reason, my mind says only "Best ~" awards count when determining your skill level (I'm only taking presentation awards into account, since workmanship doesn't count, and now I know why), but I don't know why it's thinking that. So honorable mentions are just honorable mentions, things like, "Most ~" do count as presentation awards that affect the skill level/rank of the costumer? I'm confused because it's also mentioned several times that once you receive an award at a level, you shouldn't compete down, but is that ANY presentation award, or only the ones that 'count' (i.e. the "best ~")?

And say someone skips to enter in Journeyman directly. If they don't win any presentation award, but they do win a workmanship award, they are welcome to enter as a novice at the next ICG masq they enter should they so wish to?
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