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Originally Posted by Saeto
Masquerade workmanship judges can be brutal, especially at ICG cons. The lady who judged my Alucard costume at Balti was pulling on various parts of my costume to see how "consistent" my hand-stitching was, wanted to know if 3 different shades and types of velvet accurately matched the silhouette and drape in my costume, and plowed through 5+ pages of typed notes detailing how the costume was made. At one point, Alucard's vest was flipped way up my stomach while I was wearing it so she could look up close at the applique stitches. When Marty has judged my Kaiba armor, he wanted to hear how many geometric planes the dragon head has, and when he looked at Leon, my hand-stitching was 4 inches up close to his face as he examined the sewing.
My goodness! They actually pull on the costume? Talk about testing for sound structural integrity. I can understand interrogating the costumer for information, but stress testing the outfit is something I have never heard about before.

That means people cannot take shortcuts or hide imperfections in the inside of their costume in craftsmanship judging. That type of stuff would get ferreted out upon a judge's scrutiny.

Originally Posted by Saeto
Since you are curious about Balticon, you may want to check out:

You will have to view these as a slide show - they're photos from the masquerade.

I'm also gonna add that seeing photos of these costumes online only goes so far; some of these costumes might not look that impressive from the pics, but if you saw the top stitching and hand tailoring on some of them in person, it would blow your mind.
You've already warned me about the photos not showing everything about the costume. I have a better appreciation for craftsmanship judging.

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