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Originally Posted by Sarcasm-hime
Yeah, I'm trying to get a roadtrip crew together. XD

Yeah, she's twisting my rubber arm. XD. The only thing that will keep me from attending is work, otherwise I'm a road trippin'" XD

Originally Posted by Eriol

So, why does Hall Cosplay still exist? By ICG standards, the masqurade would have presentation and craftsmanship options. There wouldn't be a need for Hall Cosplay.
Do you mean the Hall Costume Awards or were you refering to another type of event at anime cons specifically called Hall Cosplay? If you meant he former, I'll reply. ^_^

Originally Posted by Oselle, have I ever fallen into this discussion late. >_<

For the record, I guess I could be considered a "local master" in the same community as Kaijugal and Sarcasm_hime, though I feel more like an artisan or journeyman in terms of skill level in that group! And IIRC, I have had the honor (?! ^_~) of competing right after Derwin Mak, in my very first Toronto Trek masquerade no less.
Hehehe. Not "considered", you are, No Escape! MUHAHAHA! ( Don't let her fool you. She is talented and wily, and a tough cookie to beat presentation wise. Oselle is also half of the infamous Men in Tights duo and of the always packed "Dance While No One is Watching" Class.
^_^ (Not to mention a hot mama, particularly in green , hee hee, but that might be my personal bias towards godzilllaness talking... XD)
Also she was my ubber competent and wonderful, keep me from going crazy, assistant Masquerade Director this weekend at the expo, soooooo, she is tres talented as well as humble. ^_^ Hee. )
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