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Originally Posted by Kaijugal
Do you mean the Hall Costume Awards or were you refering to another type of event at anime cons specifically called Hall Cosplay? If you meant he former, I'll reply. ^_^
At many anime conventions, there are two cosplay events: Masquerade and Hall Cosplay.

Masquerade is divided into craftsmanship and performance/presentation categories [more often, it's about how funny or dramatic the skit is (performance) than how the costume looks or is presented on stage (presentation)]. Some anime cons have skill divisions in these two categories. Because of the way some anime masquerades are structured, there doesn't seem to be a way to choose one of the categories of this event. If you enter an anime masquerade, you will be judged in both categories automatically. This contrasts with an ICG masquerade --if I understand this correctly-- where you can choose to enter the presentation segment only, the craftsmanship segment only, or both.


The typical Hall Cosplay is an event that is held separate of the Masquerade. People who don't want to be on stage for whatever reason but who want their costume evaluated up close enter this event. This is a craftsmanship event. This is closest thing to the craftsmanship contest component of an ICG masquerade.

There is another contest sometimes held at anime conventions in addition or in lieu of the above Hall Cosplay -- sometimes this event is also Hall Cosplay or Hall Costume, confusing people when they try to describe it (like me doing so right now). It has 2 variants of this I have observed:

Variation 1: The con staff walk the halls and give "blue-ribbon" awards to people whose costumes look good in the halls, on the spot. There isn't any craftsmanship judging.

Variation 2: Entrants go to a booth and get their picture taken by the staff (usually a polaroid). After the entry deadline passes, the staff pick winners, and the attendees are asked to pick winners via a ballot box. There also isn't any craftsmanship judging.


Therefore, based on what I have learned from you all so far, at an ICG con, there is one masquerade, and it has presentation and craftmanship components. The craftsmanship awards are generally not counted for masquerade ranking.

Anime cons have a Masquerade and a Hall Cosplay, and I find this Hall Cosplay contest redundant, when compared to ICG Masquerade structure. (That's why I asked Saeto about this, and she explained why she kept Anime USA's Hall Cosplay.)


I am not sure what the Hall Costume Awards means to you, Kaijugal, so please clarify.

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