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Originally Posted by Eriol

Variation 1: The con staff walk the halls and give "blue-ribbon" awards to people whose costumes look good in the halls, on the spot. There isn't any craftsmanship judging.

I am not sure what the Hall Costume Awards means to you, Kaijugal, so please clarify.
We use what you refer to as "Variation 1" here. The only stipulation being that the person to be awarded is not wearing the same costume in the masquerade the same weekend. The judges approact the person, compliment/comment on thier costume, ask if they are entering it in the masquerade. If they are not, they award them with the Hall Costume Ribbon.

The resons for this aspect are obvious.
  • To give people too shy to go on stage a chance to be recognized
  • to bring more colour and fun to the convention in general
  • to give people a reason to wear old competition costumes again
  • to make new attendees aware of costuming programming/garner interest in the events

It works well in tandem with a regular ICG masquerade.
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