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Originally Posted by Saeto
Ditto. You and I are both experienced costumers and I get all fluttery whenever I go before an ICG judge.
ICG judges do make me a little more nervous than most, but unfortunately for some reason I turn into a blithering idiot every time I get judged for craftsmanship, regardless of who is doing the judging, what con it is, or whatever. A big part of the reason I started typing up extensive documentation for my costumes is that I know that every time I get in front of the craftsmanship judges, sure as the sun shining, my brain will switch off and I'll start babbling and forget everything important that I intended to say. So my documentation has to do most of the explaining for me, because I sure can't be trusted to do so myself. (It's rather annoying, really...)

I have also had my seams examined by anime con judges, though, so it does happen. I was surprised the first time someone looked that closely, but I actually found it rather flattering, inasmuch as it proved that they really were looking very seriously at my work. And after all that slaving I had done, although I did have a few qualms that they might notice some flaws up close, that was outweighed by the fact that I felt like all the effort I'd put in was being understood and appreciated far more than if I'd been looked at from a distance.
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