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That's okay. Actually I sorta wanted to apologize to someone I think is on this board. It was the female Ranma with you and I sorta took her picture as she passed by without asking and she looked pretty mad ^^;;;;;; So, we're even *scratches head* *sweatdrop*
lol! gomen! it's a reflex! that was my first time cosplaying at a con, so i needed to adjust to the random picture taking. I tend to look pretty...erm...'interesting' in my day to day life, so people around the city tend to take pictures of me, and i don't trust tourists or photographers that take my pics without my permission first (it usually starts me screaming). So if i flashed you a dirty look i assure you it was out of habit and not because i was actually mad!! I'm much better now that i've established a 'con' mode

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reprogram it to let them go?
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