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I just wanna warn the other Kyo Cosplayer to be careful with that outfit. I went up to CNAnime dressed up as Kyo for a day in the same outfit as you are... XD And absoloutely NO ONE knew who I was. Not even a Kengura and Tohru cosplayer!!! @___@;; *sweatdrops*.... That made me feel ...kinda let down. XD I tracked down my red shirt, baggy pants, and a black shirt very hard. *sighs* I guess if I woulda worn a bright bright orange wig though I woulda stuck out a little more. Heh, I just didn't have enough for it and thought my hair was orange enough for anyone to get an idea. XD... *falls over* Ah well.

I might Join ya there as that Kyo as well if I can get the orange hair in time.

Other then that I'm going to be ther as Goku from Saiyuki.

Though a question for everyone here. Is there going to be anyone cosplaying as any characters from Fushigi Yuugi?? ^___^;; *looks around*
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