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Thumbs up Tell your friend to go for it.

I am a plus sized cosplayer and I know alot of other fantastic cosplayers who are too. There are always going to be people who are going to try and make you feel like ass because you're not even near the ideal weight of the character you are portraying, but you know what? That's thier problem. I don't give a rats bottom if people think I shouldn't costume, it's really none of thier buisness, they can always look elsewhere.

Tell your friend not to be shy, give it a try; costume, wear it, and there are people who will love it! And if you guys make her feel like an important part of the group she will have a bang up time.
Goddess sized girls got it goin' on !

Originally Posted by Celebrimbor
Search is syntatic, not semantic. It can only reliably find things on the basis of how you pose your query, not the general topic into which you are inquiring.

When the topic was first posted, I ran a search too, for anything relevant. The problem is that, well, every thread on the topic is worded... well, it's all too p.c. to be searched for. Maybe if people would use stronger words in their titles, or the admins made it possible for search keywords to be added to threads, that wouldn't be the case.

Too P.C? What would you like in the title? "I AM A FATASS?" Honestly -_-". Celebrimbor, you have no interest in truely being helpful to this girl as anyone who has been on for any length of time is aware of your loathing of overweight cosplayers.
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