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I'll be at youmacon ^_^ Im cosplaying

Toshiya (dir en grey - Filth), Tara (panic channel - Iyagarase) , Miku (an cafe - odoru marchen tokei)

yes big jrock fan over here!! XD hope to see many other jrock fans there! any other jrock fans in michigan message me!!~ I want to meet you all! x3
Youmacon 2007-
Thursday - Mello (Deathnote)
Friday - FullFace (Sendai Kamotsu)
Saturday - Takehito (Ayabie - Taikanshiki zenya) and maybe Satoshi (Girugamesh - Volcano)
Sunday - Uruha (Gazette - silly god disco waiter)

Ohayocon 2008-
Saturday - Daigo Stardust
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