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This is a very tricky issue indeed... case in point, two guns I have. One is a very real Beretta Model 92 handed down to me, and the other is an airsoft pistol of the same make and model, purchased for 20 bucks. The airsoft gun was a clear plastic piece when I bought it; after about an hour of disassembly, primer, and paint work with a (cheap) airbrush, it became a strikingly convincing Beretta. At arm's length, I find it hard to tell the two pistols apart. Under closer inspection, the only apparent difference is that the real gun has red around the safety button, and the lever that tells you there's a chambered bullet. Even my friends who airsoft the hell out of each other every weekend were a bit frosty initally. It's all in fun of course, but it just goes to show that even "gray area" has its bounds. How do you make rules within reason that seperate a gun such as mine, with say, an uprepped 2-dollar cap gun? Glad the decision's not up to me.
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