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Originally Posted by strawberrykitte
*sits and eats pocky* When Mocha and Aleathia get like this its so fun to watch ^^ OH AND ALEATHIA I WANT TO HELP GETTING ROY!!!
Excuse me?? And why are you against Roy all of a sudden? You're supposed to be on my side Strawberry! You know I'm outnumbered with her AND those demon dolls! Why don't you go after Piano Boy? After all he did stand her up by not coming to AWA! Yeah....that's it...! We must take him down on Aleathia's behalf and--
Hey! Where did you get that? *points to Pocky*

(PSA: We're not really mad at each other ok? We're just joking about the whole thing. She knows about the pictures before I post them and has even encouraged me to post them. It's like a running joke.)
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