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StrawberryKitty: So my diciple has chosen a side. Yes my little YunaBrat come join us as we cursade over Jess chan's consort and Mocha's Consort. MWAHAHHAHAHA.

C.O.T.T.O.N has a mascot and it's strawberrykitte.
By the way we now have ROY!!!! Here is a ransom pic of him pleading with us not to shoot him. The hands are his but the dolls have him tied up and are lifitng his hand towards his face. Mocha we are holding him for a ransom and the randsom is....A SHIPMENT OF RED BALLS!!!!!

Jess-chan: When yo man heard that he was on the Doll hit list he personally sent us a photo of himself letting us know that we better not mess with him. Of couse my babies are'nt afiad of anything so they gave him his respect by backing off but stealing a love not he sent you. It reads....

Wash my sins away with your tears my goddess....oh wait that was from Roy to Mocha...hmmm lets see ( shuffles around looking for note in her evil lair slapping Roy out of the way in the process) it is it reads...

To my chocolate Geisha maiden...oh how I long to steal you away into the night but your only 14 so I sahll wai until that fate day. Yes my sweet the day of your Birth when you are all gown up I sahll steal you away and make you my woman!!!


Kenshin Himura Yours forever

Ahhhhh isnst that sweet now that eveyone on the site knows I guess that means that C.O.T.T.O.N is a group you dont wanna mess with MWAHAHHAHAHHA SCORE ONE FOR US!!!!

On a less sinister note I thank a good topic about costumes I want to see some of yo guys in should start. The topic I want to address is that I see some cosplays out there that would look good on some of you guys for example Vampire HunterX would look good in a cosplay of any Castlevania character. Mocha makes an excellen Rikku/Miss Mustang, and Robbie would make a nice Reno for Final Fantasy 7. So any takers to this topic....cuz we don;t wanna get off topic but to bad Kenshin does;nt want to get off Jess chan oh did I go there I did. Afther all I am the "HIBITUAL LINE STEPPER MWAHAHAHAHHAHA lugh with me Goki Draven...mwahahhahha.

This threat was brough to form the members of C.O.T.T.O.N REMINDING YOU TO BACK OFF OR BE PICKED OFF.
Instead of putting in your own two cents, its smarter to wait until someone offers a penny for your thoughts.

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