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Right now we are trying to find two more people to fill our Disgaea mage cast. We have four of us so far as I said and Green, Blue, Star (myself), and Prism mages are all covered but we are trying to get a Red and Galaxy mage for our group for our Ohayocon trip in January.

Trust me, if you join our group and are willing to help with sewing I am more than willing to take you up on the offer. As much as these dresses look simple, the way I am making them, they are time consuming. Even just fabric cutting would be a help right now as one of our other members (I love her to death but...) is TRYING to help me but I sometimes wonder what she did to make such mistakes.... I mean she just had to pin the pattern down and cut but she screws that up....

If you are interested, lemme know via PM or something or hit me on aim and we can talk about it so that we don't clutter up this forum too much.
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