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You'll have to start slow then. Me, I can't pass a clearance rack without at least looking. Which is another way to do it - study up on what look you want and then just watch clearances for something similar. I got two dresses in a Bon Ton on Sunday each for $2.95. They don't fit, but it was worth the gamble. Hot Topic, if you have an actual store you can get to, does a 50% off all clearance stuff every so often - thats a good time to go, too. Generally if you can buy something for under $10, that's less than you could make it yourself for - and that's not really a lot of money to spend anymore. You just have to be a smart shopper - and gothic kind of stuff is everywhere if you look, all those mall shops will have a bit here or a bit there. Even places like K-mart and Wal-mart have had some pretty gothy things at times.
I'm here, I'm not queer, but I kind of look like I might be, get used to it... (that's not how they said it on South Park, but close enough for me) ... I'm not a lesbian, I just play one on weekends.
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