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Originally Posted by baka-jin
Oh sadly, not *near* me, theres one 23 miles away, but the traffic is so bad that It takes me 2 hours to get there, btw, I'm in Vancouver Washington, and the place I'm talking about is Uwajimaya/Kinokuniya in Beaverton, heh with the traffic, I think it would be more worthwhile going up to the one in Seattle.
Oh well I guess I'm gonna have to put this idea off till later, I might be going to 桜コン as Asuna with some of my friends, which was their idea. Well atleast this will give me some experience for later.
Yes The Seattle Uwajimaya is way larger than the Beaverton one, but you might as well go to the beaverton one, I'll garantee it doesn't take no 2 hours, I used to live on Hillsboro/Portland Or, and I went downtown all the time by car.
The Beaverton Store is worth going to, besides it takes 3-4 hours to get to Seattle from Portland
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