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Originally Posted by robfalcon
I,ve seen quite a few peeps from here on that site. What exactly is it for and about?
It's an art site, to exchange ideas and get crtitique in order to improve. (And to just show off)

Originally Posted by moonrabbitt
How much do you have to pay to be a member? (Last time I checked they charged, but now it says "Free account") wich type do you guys have (maybe I'll add my art..)
Most people have free accounts, they only charge for subscriptions (which aren't all that great; it lets you see thumbnails of things in your inbox, have a few special journal things, and change the ~ in front of your name to a *. that's about it.)

I think I may make a cosplayer's club on DA, who's with me?
Summoner Yuna: 25%
Default KHII Sora: 10%
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