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I have a pair of penny loafers I got to be Britney Spears from the Baby Do It One more time video for halloween - 5 years ago. (why?? Mostly as something recgnizeable enough yet funny enough to try to win their costume contest...)

Actually the only shoes I have had come apart so far were either Delias or Wal-mart... and both are fixable one way or another. I don't get a lot at Payless but they suire came in handy this halloween when my penny loafers fell apart and I had forgotten to bring any spare shoes.

I wore these penny loafers out even as a guy now and then off and on and they are still in good shape, one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Even if you replace them once a month it's still cheaper - say 7 months times $12.99 = 91.00 is cheaper than $125.00. So you can get 7 pair for less than the same money. If you're new and not sure and on a budget 12.99 is way better than $125 -

If you;re lucky who knows what you may find. The loafers were on sale but only in an 11W for whatever reason when I got them. A year ago halloween I wanted sneakers to be a cheerleader and found a pair I have worn occasiaonally since with a holgraphic heart design on the stripes and heel - for $4 after I got a second pair so they were 1/2 off.

I guess unless you plan to wear them daily and walk through 4 inches of water 3 miles each way twice a day Payless should be good enough -
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