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Happy New Year!
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I am a woman with wide feet and blunt toes. I wear a lot of men's shoes and boots because they're more comfortable for my feet. I'm about a women's size 8 wide but wear anywhere from a size 4 in combat boots to a size 6.5 to 7 in men's skate shoes (Van's has funky sizing).
A lot of women's shoes are narrow and uncomfortable. They're getting a little better about making shoes available in wide widths, but it's still hard to find the right ones sometimes. In fact, right now I'm looking for a nice-looking pair of comfortable pumps with a medium-sized heel about 2" or less...I swear, they're either 6" high stilettos or 1" chunky heels and nothing in between.
In general, I hate wearing synthetic shoes and much prefer leather because it is breatheable, durable, and will stretch. I have noticed, though, that Payless has been pretty good about carrying more wide width shoes and some in real I've revised my opinion of Payless somewhat.
At any rate...just weighing in here with some opinions from someone who's worn men's and women's footwear for the last 35 years.
If you can find a shoe store to try the footwear on at, that is SO Much better than just ordering blindly online.
Oh, and if you are ready to order online, I had a thread a while back with some options for women's shoes in large sizes since most women's only go up to a size 12 or sometimes 13 (men's 10 to 12 or so).

-Tenebrae, always happy to jump in on a shoe/boot discussion.
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