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Originally Posted by Fallen_Jenova
Any Alabama cosplayers out there? Alabama seems to be one of the less active states when it comes to conventions and ect. Or it seems that way to me. I usually have to go out of state for a convention, usually Ga.
I live in central Alabama (Near Birmingham).
I would like to make a group to attend one of the cons, or one of the surrounding states' cons. That and if interested, a photoshoot or two, there is a botanical garden in Birmingham (near the Zoo) that would make for some good settings.

Anyway, back on topic. Any Alabama cosplayers, lol?

We Alabamain cosplayers are out there. I am an Alabama cosplayer from two areas in Alabama. I am from Huntsville; however, during the school year I am in Florence where I attend UNA working on my Fashion major (business minor).
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