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Originally Posted by Tenebrae
I have bad joints. Some days they're worse than others.
I have the same problem and I also have a leg that is weaker then the other because of a tendon injury that didn't heal correctly. (I got too anxious to get moving again and damaged it worse then it was originally.)

ArsenalFierce13- I love it when splicing two patterns works well. I did the same on the dress I'm helping a friend make for a cosplay because neither pattern I had completely fit the shape I needed for the dress.

--- I really need to get back to my negelected costumes since I want to wear a few of them to Anime Detour in March and most of my main/time consuming costumes are nearly finished.

--- I need to look at my wigs and start thinking about styling them. Need to find a wig head not being used by my friend for her wigs.

--- Need to find wigs for another couple of cosplays and some dye as well.

--- I really need to go shopping for material for my Bard Stefan cosplay but have no time or money to at the moment. Rawk.
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