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Originally posted by Ranma Saotome
Residue, don't let skin color limit your cosplaying. Never. Wow, looks like there's gonna be three Barret Wallaces on the East Coast con circuit now!
Residue: Ranma is right. BTW you'd make a killer Berret! You have to think about one thing. Anime characters, though appear Anglo, are ment to be Japanese. Save many, but still. Point is that we as whatever skin, race, sex, creed ect don't say "Hey, I'm not like that so I won't cosplay that character." Crossplayers don't let it stop them. Though I wish it would for some of the dudes! (j/k) Do what you like. Don't let your skin color stop you. For instance...

My best friend, Nathan, is black and is a member of my cosplay group (link below). Unfortunatley he's moved out of state and can't be with us. He's has the perfect body shape for the character he plays; Taisou from Giant Robo. What's ironic is that I have the perfect body shape for Tetsugyu (see Icon), yet my complection is more fair than my hispanic blood will alow. Nate and I always say that if we could exchange skin colors, we'd be the perfect cosplayers for our characters, in the same way Aeris-chan (Adella) is the perfect Aeris and Dale is the perfect Rupan-sansei. There's my 2 cents.

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