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Stupid Stupid ruffles from hell. I had to make 20 yards of fabric gather evenly by hand. It took five tries and two different types of thread and then I find out my skirt is too long. Thank goodness I can just take an inch or two off the top instead of moving the ruffle up and having to sew it in place all over again.

I swear when someone tells me that using stretch fabric will make things harder I will listen and save myself the thread burns.

It looks pretty and hangs right I just had no idea it would weigh so much. It makes me wonder how heavy the rest of the costume will be. I am glad I used steel boning I think the skirt would have squished the plastic stuff.

I wonder if I drop enough hints someone will buy me a corset for Christmas. I think I would cry if I tried to make one on my own. Boning hates me and goes after my eyes.
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