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Happy New Year!
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Luckily there are some inexpensive places to buy corsets (I've posted a thorough listing of links and reviews elsewhere if you search around the forums).

Sad story...I signed up for the Jo-Ann's coupons. A couple days ago I went by Jo-Ann's and bought a bunch of stuff.
Of course, today I went to clean out my spam folder and found a 40% off coupon.

I bought some really cool clothing that I'm wearing for an Xmas party tonight. It consists of tight black cotton velvet pants (with stretch in them!), matching cotton velvet "calvary" coat with rows of fake "double-breasted" buttons down the front and a long skirt-tail part that's split up the back, fitted white cotton button-up shirt with foofy lace trimmed cuffs. With my cane and knee-high black leather boots, I look quite the dandy.
I just wish I could sew myself something like this! I'll keep working on it. Someday...yes, someday I'll actually USE THE FABRIC I already bought!

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